What is ‘cross-sector Innovation’ and why YOU should be getting involved:

Posted on: 09/08/2017

Gain valuable access to a high-growth market sector.

What is ‘cross-sector Innovation’ and why YOU should be getting involved:

By David Calder

KTN is presently running a competition – the prize being extremely valuable access to a high-growth market sector and there is a reasonable chance that YOUR business or technology could become part of that….

There is compelling evidence that tells us that successful innovations that solve many of life’s problems (you may be facing some yourself right now) are already established somewhere else and delivering results. The match between problem (or opportunity) and solution is simply not obvious. One way to tap into this fact is to think carefully about the CHARACTERISTICS – not necessarily the specifics of how a problematic device/technology/system/process is working. By redefining the issue and sharing it with a wider audience it might help us identify alternative ways to improve that situation.

For more information on this look up TRIZ on the internet. There is also more information and background to this approach here.

That match-making process is daunting task and requires a special approach and we are testing it by running the competition as described above. We arrived at the OFFSHORE RENEWABLE ENERGY sector as the potential beneficiary, but if you are reading this and YOUR bag is Augmented Reality, UAV, Data Analytics or Bio-films you need to get involved. You’re only a few steps away from a potentially lucrative new market and there is dedicated support in place to help you on your new adventure.

The competition is called OWiX – Offshore Wind Innovation Exchange and there are a series of challenges already published. You don’t have to solve the whole challenge on your own. Your business or technology might fit in a specific part of the total challenge. We want to hear from you if that’s the case. The support we can offer through KTN and other groups (The Innovate UK Catapult network for example) will help connect the people that can collaborate on the complete solution. If you have a magical turn-key solution that can be deployed directly, so much the better!

To learn more and to see the list challenges and the detail about each one in a clear generalised specification, click here.

Along with the challenges, which also define where your technology or business or process concept might fit, there is an online application form. Fill that in and get involved!



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