Space: the next frontier

Posted on: 12/12/2016

KTN Director Steve Welch tells Physics World what’s next for the space sector.

KTN Director Steve Welch tells Physics World what’s next for the space sector.

Space is more a part of our business environment than many people realise, according to Knowledge Transfer Network Director and outgoing director of the UK’s Space and Innovation Growth Strategy Steve Welch.

Interviewed in this month’s edition of Physics World – the membership magazine of the Institute of Physics – Welch talks about where the space industry is going next, with a particular focus on satellite applications; where continuous innovation is key.

“We’re now in the era of what people call ‘new space’,” says Welch, “a surge in new, private-sector companies that see an opportunity to short-circuit the old-school, cautious approach to technology and finance for space by using Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial drive, risk-taking and cash. The resulting pace of change means that the UK will have to work hard to retain its position and meet the competition of the new entrants to the market.”

With experts across space, security, and new technologies, KTN can connect innovators to the right partners to help secure that position in the coming years.



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