IP is a significant contributor to the Government’s Industrial Strategy

Posted on: 21/06/2018

Intellectual property will be critical to delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy goal relating to research and development.


Intellectual property will be critical to delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy goal of investing 2.4% of GDP in research and development, according to Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Minister Sam Gyimah.

Gyimah made the remarks at the annual World IP Day event held by the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) at the House of Commons on 26th April which attracted over 100 key individuals, all involved in some way with IP and its economic importance, from across parliament, business and industry, the legal professions and academia.

The theme of the event was “Global Britain: Great for IP, Great for Business” – and post-Brexit Britain was very much of the minds of both delegates and delegates, including IPAN Chairman John Ogier, Intellectual Property Office CEO Tim Moss, Allie Rennison of the Institute of Directors and Knowledge Transfer Network CEO Chris Warkup.

“Overall, the UK has an awful lot going for it,” said Warkup, “for a place in which to innovate, to register, to fund, to grow a business – and IP, in the broadest sense, is important in the mix of that. Not just patents, but given our strong creative industries, also copyright, design rights, and trademarks. It’s very important to raising finance for innovative businesses.”

“Let’s remember, the UK has a great IP system – and post-Brexit, the UK will still have a great IP system,” said Moss – who noted that the IPO was working closely with Government to maximise benefit for business and minimise disruption during the transition period: “As we prepare to leave the EU, our role is to make the most of any opportunities that arise for UK trade and investment.”

“We are a nation which backs ambition and embraces innovation,” said Gyimah, “so we have every reason to back IP. We all have our eyes on the future, and I’m excited to see the role that British IP can play in shaping the world.”

Find out more from the day’s speakers in their event report, or watch the video below.


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