Innovation Nation: Monika Dunkel on wearable technology

Posted on: 03/04/2018

Wearable tech is entering new frontiers, from implantables to smart fabrics. Our latest podcast looks at emerging trends.


By Katharine Rooney

Many of us are already using wearable technology through our Fitbits or GoPro cameras, and we think of it as a very modern invention – but its roots actually go back hundreds of years. Now, we’re moving in leaps and bounds towards ever-more innovative wearable tech that still sounds like science fiction: from microchip implants that can double as train tickets to smart jackets that can send data.

What begins in the sports market can quickly become mainstream – and a number of wearable technology firms are ultimately aiming for applications in the medical and health sector; including the management of degenerative conditions such as dementia using integrated sensors.

Monika Dunkel, from KTN’s Emerging Technologies and Industries team, is an expert at spotting future tech trends. Having recently hosted our stand at the recent Wearable Technology Showcase, Monika talked us through an overview of what we can expect next – and with the rise in biological enhancements, whether it is possible to go too far in the fusion between man and machine.

Listen in to our chat with Monika here – and don’t forget to share your own views with us by tweeting @KTNUK using the hashtag #innovation4thenation.


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