Ignite Labs x BridgeAI: Igniting Inspiration, Innovation, and Transformation through AI

Discover the key highlights and takeaways from this years Ignite Labs x BridgeAI event series.

Posted on: 11/07/2023
Ignite Labs x BridgeAI: Igniting Inspiration, Innovation, and Transformation through AI
Ignite Labs x BridgeAI: Igniting Inspiration, Innovation, and Transformation through AI


Ignite Labs x BridgeAI is an exciting programme that empowers businesses with the knowledge and tools to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over the course of six weeks, a diverse cohort of around 30 businesses from various industries, including creative, construction, transport, and Agrifood, delved into the world of AI and design thinking. This intensive programme provided participants with invaluable insights, expanded networks, and opportunities for funding and support in their innovation journey.

The Power of Design in AI Innovation

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses that embrace effective design practices outperform their peers by up to 200%. Design-led discipline plays a crucial role in the complex realm of AI. Through a series of workshops, seminars, and networking events, Ignite Labs x BridgeAI equipped the cohort with design tools, introduced them to AI experts, and prepared them to unleash their innovations upon the world.

Key Highlights and Takeaways

We partnered with esteemed organisations to deliver an exceptional lab experience.

The launch event, hosted at Digital Catapult, featured an enlightening presentation by Dr. Rob Smith, who demystified the history of AI and engaged the audience with a panel of cutting-edge AI startups. Here’s what some of the delegates had to say:

The keynote speech on what ‘AI is’ was really insightful, and hearing the ML Garage companies present back was truly inspiring.”

“Dr. Robert Smith’s presentation provided an accessible framework to understand the development of AI and its potential benefits/limitations.”

“The history of AI session facilitated knowledge sharing and created a common ground for insightful conversations. A great conversation starter.

Magnetic, a renowned design and innovation consultancy, also led an inspiring workshop that demonstrated the importance of design in innovation, fuelling interesting conversations and collaboration between the cohort.

The Impact of Trust, Security, and Ethics

The panel discussion on trust, security, and ethics in AI proved to be incredibly informative. Experts from Darktrace, The Data City, Smart Ethics, and The Alan Turing Institute  shared invaluable insights, which you can learn more about in a recent blog.

One key takeaway was the importance of investing in robust security measures and ethical practices early in the innovation journey. By doing so, businesses can save costs, establish a solid foundation for growth, and build trust with their stakeholders.

Exploring Innovation with the Innovation Canvas

Participants were introduced to the Innovation Canvas towards the end of the lab, a powerful tool designed to support their innovation projects. The cohort found it to be an essential resource that helped them to focus on the most important challenges they were facing in developing their innovative products, services, or processes and help them to prioritise next steps:

The Innovation Canvas framework helped me identify areas I hadn’t considered, such as protecting intellectual property, and led me to enrol in a free course at the British Library. It provided me with valuable insights and made me a better strategic thinker and storyteller.”

“The practicality of the Innovation Canvas framework fostered structured thinking and idea development, which was incredibly valuable in addressing our innovation challenges.

Empowering Pitches and Collaborative Connections

Witnessing the delegates pitch their ideas to a panel of experts at the final innovation workshop was truly inspiring. The cohort demonstrated their growth throughout the programme and engaged in detailed discussions with the panellists which one member said provided “excellent feedback that supported me in refocusing my business model.”


Ignite Labs x BridgeAI has successfully ignited inspiration, fostered innovation, and transformed the cohort’s AI journey.

Participants deepened their knowledge, expanded their networks, and embraced design thinking as a powerful catalyst for success. The connections formed during the programme will continue to drive collaboration and shape the future of AI innovation.

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A Final Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable cohort and dedicated lab partners who participated in Ignite Labs x BridgeAI. Your active engagement, valuable insights, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in driving this important conversation, education, and innovation in the AI space. Thank you for being part of the Ignite Labs x BridgeAI community.

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