How KTN has helped companies to combine systems and signpost them to Innovate UK funding

Posted on: 09/08/2018

Knowledge Transfer Network take a look at significant examples of integrated infrastructure systems from the companies that we have been working with.

KTN’s Complex Systems team has worked with a wide range companies to help them combine systems and signpost them to Innovate UK funding. Some of the most notable examples have been highlighted in a series of case studies published over the next nine days.

Complex Systems covers the key application areas of space, robotics and autonomous systems, data analytics and defence and security, with a focus on engineering best practice for systems, intelligent applications and large-scale infrastructure. KTN’s interests are in the scalability, adaptability, resilience and security of these systems.

There are three major clusters that bind the case studies together:
1) Integration of energy and construction to provide carbon efficient capabilities in modern buildings, including storage for future use. This includes the prototype use of solar power to provide energy for rail travel and captured energy for charging electric vehicles and an integrated renewable energy power supply for remote locations.
2) Mobility as a Service. New applications to allow more efficient use of transport infrastructure and improve accessibility for travellers needing alternatives to driving themselves in urban areas. This includes a novel distribution capability for local deliveries.
3) Mechanisms to allow more intelligent programming of our transport infrastructure to allow traffic to move more freely, dynamically avoiding areas that are temporarily blocked or under repair.

All of these examples (below – published over the next ten days) demonstrate the integration of capabilities that enable a more efficient infrastructure, thus reducing the dependence upon carbon generation and fewer emissions. In many cases a collaborative approach to design has been adopted allowing the target users to help shape their ideal solution.

#1 Re-Newcastle : Newcastle Council’s progamme of renewal and reinvention integrating transport, water, broadband and housing. (09/08/2018)

#2 ICAX addresses the energy trilemma with carbon neutral solution (10/08/2018)

#3 Pick&Mix: A mobility service for 16-25 year olds that outshines the car (13/08/2018)

#4 FlexiSolar deliver revolutionary solution with integrated solar carports (14/08/2018)

#5 Fernhay’s transformation of parcel delivery reduces congestion and carbon emissions (15/08/2018)

#6 Cooling the London Underground to power Islington’s heating network (16/08/2018)

#7 Integrating services and intelligent, real-time routing at the heart of Esoterix System’s transport solutions (17/08/2018)

#8 Innovative and green – hydrogen system sets the standard for powering isolated territories (20/08/2018)

#9 Innovative and green – hydrogen system sets the standard for powering isolated territories (21/08/2018)


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