Global Alliance Africa ‘More than a Woman’ Showcase 2023 Finalist: Mahlodi Letsie

In Sandton, South Africa on 8 March 2023, Global Alliance Africa celebrated International Women’s Day and hosted the ‘More than a Woman’ Showcase with an exciting project pitch session where women innovators would share their ideas with a gathering of investors, ecosystem enablers, and support organisations from across the UK and Africa, to help them scale their solutions to the world. Mahlodi Letsie, Founder and CEO, Bare Mind Holdings was one of four finalists and the Africa team are delighted to present her story.

Posted on: 22/03/2023


Mahlodi found herself in a vulnerable space one day following unfortunately being laid off from work and needed support which she would have usually been able to find within family members back home. What she discovered however, during the pandemic and from losing work themselves, was that her family members had their own mental wellbeing struggles which took all their energy and there was none left for anything or anyone else. As a result of this, Mahlodi started researching mental health within South Africa and the reality of the increasing issues such as anxiety and depression and how commonplace they were, and so Bare Mind was born out of a need to offer support to youths battling mental health challenges.


So many people are struggling on a daily basis with mental health. Due to the stigmatisation of talking about it, some people feel they are not able to openly communicate with anyone or express how they feel without negative attitudes, additional anxiety or risk of being put down and placed in an even more vulnerable state which worsens mental health of the individual and could deteriorate their potential treatment. It is essential to create a safe space, a supportive environment and one which respects and recognises their unique issues and provides necessary care and support.


Bare Mind Holdings is a revolutionary start-up that offers personalised self-development programs for African youth struggling with their mental health. Their mission is to promote mental wellness through an African lens, using cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to help individuals achieve their mental wellness goals. They achieve this through their flagship app, which leverages natural language processing (NLP) to provide personalised access to all materials and content in predominantly spoken African native languages, making it easy for users to learn and engage with the platform. Their gamified interface incentivises users to take care of their mental health by rewarding them with crypto loyalty rewards as they set and surpass their daily goals.

Bare Mind is not just an app, it’s an end-to-end ecosystem that creates multiple streams of revenue beyond the Bare Mind App. Our e-commerce extension houses sustainable holistic wellness and lifestyle products that are ethically sourced. Bare Mind Conversations is our brand awareness initiative that uses storytelling to raise awareness of mental health best practices, generating revenue through brand deals, sponsorships, and partnerships. Bare Mind Events provides both live events and online webinars, and creates an immersive experience in a retreat setting that allows clients to have additional face time with our database of partnered health and wellness professionals.

At Bare Mind, they have a vision to become the biggest health and wellness platform in Africa by 2030. With an innovative approach and commitment to promoting mental wellness, they believe they have the potential to transform the lives of millions of people across the continent and globally eventually.


On behalf of Global Alliance Africa – We wish Mahlodi and her team continued success in the future.

For more information on Mahlodie Letsie, visit:

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