Forensic Science UK Innovation Database

Posted on: 20/11/2016

This tool has now been withdrawn. If you would like Innovate UK KTN’s help with a forensic science innovation, please contact Hazel Biggs, KTM Defence and Security.

Archived version below:

The Innovation Database is a tool for anyone looking to undertake a research and development project that has an application in forensic science.

Forensic Science UK Innovation Database

The Forensic Science UK Innovation Database is a tool for anyone looking to undertake a research and development project that has an application in forensic science. The database has three interlinked sections; challenges, contributors and stakeholders.

The challenges are research challenges that have been identified primarily by the end user community. This will help to stimulate targeted innovation and hopefully lead to a smoother transition of research to operational use. Challenges can be searched by keyword or by a variety of search filters depending on your interests and knowledge of forensic science. If you are already working on a challenge listed in the database please get in touch.

Each challenge has a linked contributor, this means if you are interested in taking on a research challenge you can contact there person who submitted it to the database. This means that any research will be directed and therefore be more likely to solve the challenge.

The final section of the Forensic Science Innovation database covers potential project partners. The stakeholders section contains a range of forensic science companies and organisations and details their capabilities and partnerships that could be offered. The stakeholder section is a great way for a company to gain increased exposure within the forensic science community. If you would like you organisation to be included there is a short online form to complete.

The Innovation Database is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for finding a forensic science R&D project

For more information on the tool please contact Hazel Biggs.


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