Energy Revolution Integration Services: energy outcomes evaluation reports

Reports evaluating the projects’ impact in terms of bills and carbon emissions, commercial viability and public appeal.

Part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme was the Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS), provided by the Energy Systems Catapult.

ERIS produced these energy outcomes evaluation reports, in addition to a programme summary, which reviewed the outputs and achievements of the programme and aimed to quantify their impact in three specific areas.

The areas covered were:

  • bills and carbon emissions
  • financial and social benefits including replicability and scalability
  • public awareness and appeal of smart local energy systems

The studies focused on the three demonstrators and 10 detailed design projects in the programme, a total of 13 projects.

Published in February 2023, these reports aim to help future smart local energy system developers by indicating the likely future performance of different types of systems and approaches.

Download the reports

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Enabling smart local energy systems

Enabling smart local energy systems

We live, work and travel in regions, cites, towns and communities, but energy systems are still very centralised. UKRI’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme explored the potential of smart local energy systems and place-based approaches. Discover learnings and insights from the £104m, five-year programme.


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