Enabling decentralised energy innovation

An independent study on barriers and solutions to decentralised energy, and the role it can play in cutting carbon and benefiting citizens and communities.

Emerging evidence is that governance, policy and regulation arrangements do not currently help distributed energy to play a full role in decarbonisation, innovation or delivering positive outcomes for citizens and communities and the businesses that service them.

To investigate this further, Innovate UK commissioned this report from Sustainable Energy Futures, led by Dr Jeff Hardy, as part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme.

The report aims to propose solutions to how we can navigate policy and regulatory change to deliver net zero, with a focus on distributed energy. It seeks to:

  • Understand how current policy, regulation and governance arrangements act as a barrier to distributed, smart energy systems.
  • Assess what changes could better enable decentralised energy roles and business models while ensuring citizens, customers and consumers are protected.

A longer version of this report, including the full analysis and methodology, is available at Sustainable Energy Futures.

Download the report

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