UK transport decarbonisation policy tracker

Innovate UK KTN has created an interactive tool to map and track UK’s commitments and policies to decarbonise transport. The tracker provides details of the commitments made in the UK Government’s 2021 Transport Decarbonisation Plan and maps regional and sub-regional policies and strategies to provide a holistic overview of UK’s ambition to decarbonise transport.

Tracking the UK transport decarbonisation plan

In 2021, the UK government published the UK Transport Decarbonisation Plan, “Decarbonising transport: a better, greener Britain”. It focuses on all forms of transport across all modes in the UK, with an ultimate goal of meeting our targets for both individual transport modes and 2050 Net Zero goals. The aim of this tool is to map policy commitments across all modes to a sub-regional level across the entirety of the UK. The policy landscape for transport is complex at many levels, we hope that this tool provides clarity and efficiency of information for UK businesses.

Explore the policy tracker

The tracker will enable you to easily source national transport policy and strategy information to inform your investment and R&D decisions. Search by mode or commitment type to source the relevant information and track progress over time.

The tracker in numbers

By exploring an individual commitment, the policies relating directly to that commitment, are detailed in the tracker tool.




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Innovation in transport has the potential to benefit our economy, society and environment. The transport system of the future will be more efficient, cleaner and smarter, through utilising enhanced digital, communication and automated technologies.

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