Creating a step-change in dairy cattle innovation through collaboration

Posted on: 13/10/2016

KTN can help drive innovation for UK businesses by facilitating new connections between different sectors

A KTN success story highlights one of the ways that KTN can help drive innovation for UK businesses by facilitating new connections between different sectors

Kingshay are a research-based consultancy that support a large number (>2,000) of dairy farmers in the UK. With KTN help they have established new cross-sector collaborations to substantially boost their innovation capacity, and strengthen their business.

Kingshay had identified a market opportunity for an unobtrusive measurement and decision support tool for cow condition and lameness monitoring in dairy cattle that could reduce costs whilst boosting health, welfare and productivity. They were looking to develop an automated technology solution, but did not have the full range of technical skills to develop this ‘in-house’, and turned to the KTN for help.


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New connection results in successful collaboration

KTN introduced Kingshay to the Centre for Machine Vision in the Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL) and supported a successful Innovate UK funding application.

The collaboration has led to cutting edge ‘machine vision’ imaging technology (more routinely used in other industries, such as defence) to be used in agricultural innovation. Once fully developed, Kingshay anticipate the potential for multi-million pound sales for the technology, whilst opening up new market opportunities, and providing opportunity for economic and employment growth.

Following on from the success of their first project, Kingshay have capitalised on other opportunities, to further boost their innovation capacity.

Duncan Forbes, Managing Director at Kingshay said:

“The team at KTN have been incredibly helpful to our business. David Telford took the trouble to understand our business and used his wide network of contacts to hook us up with some very talented guys at BRL. Without KTN, there’s no way we would have made the connection. It has been a real game changer for our business, opening doors to some very exciting new opportunities.”
Dr David Telford – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Agriculture (Animal)


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