Samantha Binding

Senior Project Manager - Strategic Portfolio Office

Samantha Binding

I’m a Senior Project Manager within the Strategic Portfolio Office. Our team make sure Innovate UK KTN colleagues have the right tools and training to carry out high quality project management. We also support the organisation through the quarterly review process and share KTNs successes internally by producing dashboards.

I am the incoming product owner for Keto, our portfolio management software, and I want to ensure it is as user friendly as possible, and brings value to all our colleagues. I’m also available for advice on project management tools, managing high levels of change or risk within a project, and am a professional facilitator so get in touch if you need help structuring or facilitating a key meeting.

My background is project management in the specialty chemicals formulation industry, specifically working with fuels and lubricant additives. Prior to this my interests were in immobilisation of organometallic compounds on carbon frameworks to enhance their catalytic ability and recyclability.



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