Mohammed Alkordi

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Regional Investments

Mohammed Alkordi

As part of the Investment Ecosystem team at Innovate UK Business Connect, I’m focused on building relationships with investors and the finance community in the UK.

In my role as a Knowledge Transfer Manager, I specialise in driving regional engagement. This involves initiating constructive dialogues with various investor types, establishing connections with new stakeholders, and expanding outreach to regional investor communities. Concurrently, my efforts extend to delivering insightful support to localised ecosystems, contributing to the development of greater financial depth and knowledge within these communities.

Before stepping into my current role, I served as a Manager at the New Anglia Growth Hub, where I led a dynamic team of business advisers and engagement experts. Prior to this, I spearheaded my own consulting firm, specialising in facilitating internationalisation efforts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Latin America (LATAM) regions.

I hold dual master’s degrees, with the first being an MSc in Enterprise and Business Creation, focusing on start-ups and innovation. The second is an MBA from UEA, where my focus was on business consulting and management.


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