UK - Singapore Collaborative R&D Call Sustainability and Net Zero

UK organisations can apply for a share of up to £5m with a Singapore partner to develop sustainable tech for emission reduction and a net-zero future.

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Your grant funding request must be no more than £750,000. This can cover up to 70% of the UK partners' costs depending on business size.


Innovate UK

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Innovate UK part of UK Research and Innovation, will partner with Enterprise Singapore (“EnterpriseSG”) to invest up to £5 million in innovation projects.

The aim of this competition is to fund business led, collaborative research and development (CR&D) net zero and sustainability projects focused on industrial research, for innovative proposals developed between the UK and Singapore.

UK registered businesses must collaborate with at least one Singapore registered business applying under the equivalent Singapore programme.

UK registered organisations must apply through the Innovation Funding Service (IFS) portal to Innovate UK.

Your Singapore partner will not receive any funding from Innovate UK. Singapore partners must apply to and will be funded by EnterpriseSG for the Singapore component of the project set out in this application.

  • To lead a project your organisation must:

    • be a UK registered business of any size
    • partner with a Singapore registered business, which must be a separate non-linked entity to the UK project partners

    As a UK partner, to collaborate with the lead your organisation must be a UK registered:

    • business of any size
    • academic institution
    • research and technology organisation (RTO)

    Singapore partners will be funded by EnterpriseSG following a parallel application.

    A UK registered business can lead on one application but can be included as a collaborator in a further 2 applications. If a UK registered business is not leading any application, it can collaborate in up to 3 applications.

    A UK registered academic institution or RTO can collaborate on any number of applications.

  • Your project must:

    • have a maximum grant funding request of no more than £750,000
    • start by 1 June 2024
    • end by 31 May 2027
    • last between 24 and 36 months

    UK project partners must carry out the majority of their project work in the UK and intend to exploit the results from or in the UK.

    The consortium must include at least one business registered in Singapore.


  • The aim of this competition is to fund business led, collaborative research and development (CR&D) net zero and sustainability projects focused on industrial research, for innovative proposals developed between the UK and Singapore.

    Your project must demonstrate:

    • a clear game-changing or disruptive innovative idea leading to new products, processes or services
    • a strong and deliverable business plan that addresses and documents, market potential and needs
    • sound, practical financial plans and timelines
    • good value for money which will always be a consideration in Innovate UK funding decisions
    • a clear, evidence-based plan to deliver significant economic impact, return on investment (ROI) and growth through commercialisation, as soon as possible after project completion
    • considerable potential to significantly benefit the UK economy or national productivity
    • the benefits of participants from the countries working together and how this adds value
    • a clear definition of where intellectual property (IP) can be used and shared between the participants and countries
    • a clear route to market within 2 to 3 years of project completion
  • Your project must directly address Sustainability and Net Zero challenges. This can include but is not limited to the following key technological areas:


    • Solutions that maximise food production efficiency, minimise resource requirements or waste outputs

    Clean Energy and Renewables

    • Solutions involving new ways to improve yields and handle intermittency of renewables
    • Solutions that push boundaries of what can be achieved via energy storage technologies
    • Solutions contributing to net zero in energy production such as green hydrogen
    • Solutions that can capture and store carbon at scale

    Green Buildings

    • Solutions that can further drive renewables adoption for built environments in dense, high rise urban city environments such as Singapore
    • Solutions that reduce the embodied carbon in new construction or asset enhancement of existing buildings

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    • Solutions that support materials and manufacturing organisations to become significantly more resource efficient
    • Solutions that enable technologies like digital twins, sensors and controls in manufacturing processes including transformative low-temperature processes, planning optimisation, waste heat capture and recovery systems

    Urban Mobility

    • Solutions that enable autonomous net zero maritime, electric vehicles or batteries
    • Solutions that reduce carbon emissions in transportation

    Water and Environment

    • Solutions on high-performance, low-emissions waste water treatment

    Waste Management

    • Solutions that better manage waste and contribute to a circular economy including sustainable packaging, solid waste and recycling


    • Solutions that improve the tracking and management of carbon
  • An online briefing event will be held at 3pm on Tuesday 15th August 2023: click here for the joining link.

    If you would like help to find a project partner, contact Innovate UK KTN’s Global Alliance team.


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