The Turing Way Handbook

Discover The Turing Way Handbook on data science from The Alan Turing Institute, an Innovate UK BridgeAI programme resource. The project offers a series of openly developed online guides that share over 300 chapters on best practices and skills for reproducible, ethical, collaborative, and inclusive data science and artificial intelligence.

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The Alan Turing Institute

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About ‘The Turing Way Handbook’

The Turing Way is a flagship project of The Alan Turing Institute. Shared as an open-source community-driven handbook on data science, the project promotes best practices for reproducible, ethical, inclusive, and collaborative research.

The Turing Way team involves and supports a diverse international community of contributors and collaborators from organisations across different sectors.

With more than 450 authors and thousands of project users from around the world, the project is internationally recognised for its community-led approaches to building good practices that can be applied to different sectors.

The project is more than a book, it is a diverse community of learners, experts and professionals in data science who build, share, and maintain all The Turing Way resources.

Supported by BridgeAI, The Turing Way has also launched a Practitioners Hub, which provides a forum for cross-sector engagement, knowledge exchange and strategic collaboration across different organisations leading data science initiatives.

  • All stakeholders of data science, including researchers, data scientists, software engineers, project leaders, educators, collaborators and funding teams, are encouraged to use The Turing Way. The goal is to provide all the information they need irrespective of their domain expertise and sectors including academia, industry, government and the public sector, ensuring that the projects they work on are easy to reuse, reproduce and collaborate on in the future.

    Practices and resources shared via The Turing Way will improve skills and understanding of different roles and responsibilities within a team around maintaining transparency, reproducibility and the societal impact of in data science and AI technology. All users will have an opportunity to join the community and further become an author themselves by representing the interests and practices of their respective sectors.

  • You will have access to:

    • five online guides for reproducibility, project design, communication, collaboration and ethical research on practices for adopting and promoting open, reproducible and inclusive data science and Artificial Intelligence.
    • 300+ chapters with examples, concepts and systematic approaches to build skills to enhance quality, rigour and integrity in data science and AI.
    • community platforms (Slack, newsletter, community events) which have already been joined by over 1000 diverse experts from international organisations.
    • support from The Turing Way core team and community in using and contributing to the project, as well as collaborating with other stakeholders in the community.
    • open-source infrastructure of The Turing Way that is used for hosting the online guides, along with a community handbook describing how others can use and reproduce the project in collaboration with the team.
    • opportunities offered through The Turing Way Practitioners Hub for direct partnership and for the broader BridgeAI network.

Who is The Alan Turing Institute?

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, tackling big challenges in science, society, and the economy through research. The Institute is committed to advancing the world-changing potential of data science and artificial intelligence while promoting ethical and responsible use.

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