Technologies to scale thermochemical methods of hydrogen production

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Game changers Challenge: Technologies to scale thermochemical methods of hydrogen production

When partnered with a high temperature heat source, thermochemical (with purely heat input) and electro-thermochemical (where at least one process step could be electrochemically driven) hydrogen production from water has potential cost and efficiency benefits compared to hydrocarbon based or solely electrochemical hydrogen production methods (i.e. electrolysis).

The nuclear industry has been at the forefront of this pioneering technological development worldwide as the technology is compatible with the high heat output of certain reactor types that could lead to reduced cost of hydrogen.

Additionally, technology associated with thermochemical cycles could be coupled to other heat sources including, for example concentrated solar systems. However, there are currently no industrial solutions utilising this technology and both technical and commercial barriers remain. These need to be overcome to enable informed technology, investment and policy decision making which could assist in moving the technology towards commercialisation.

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) are interested in innovations that draw on any and all relevant UK and international capability including technology transfer opportunities from any relevant sector such as bulk chemical manufacture, power generation, catalysis and control / safety systems. NNL are interested in working with partners over the long-term to help develop solutions that could expedite demonstration of hydrogen generation at pilot scale and beyond.

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Applications close on 18th November 2021 at 12:00.

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