SBRI Greenhouse Gas Removals Innovation Competition - Phase 1 (Design Study)

The supplier must undertake and report on a design study into the development of innovative greenhouse gas removals or related enabling technologies (excluding afforestation or habitat restoration).

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£75,000 to £250,000 is available for each project in phase 1. Only phase 1 companies will be eligible for phase 2, where funding will be increased (exact amount tbc). Total budget is £70m.

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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is looking to invest up to £70m in Direct Air Capture and other potential Greenhouse Gas Removal technologies that could be deployed in the UK.

This competition is to support the development of technologies that are not yet commercial rather than supporting technologies that are already mature. Therefore, the technologies to be developed must be at a technology readiness level (TRL) between 4 and 7 at the start of the project. The ultimate objective is to trial the technologies at pilot scale.

The aim of the competition is to identify, support and then develop credible greenhouse gas removals technologies/enabling technologies bringing about a step change in their development. The competition will be split up into two phases with Phase 1 focusing on an initial design study, followed by Phase 2 which will support a pilot demonstration. Only those applicants who are successful in Phase 1 and have completed their design study may enter into Phase 2.

The amount of funding available to each project in phase 2 will be confirmed at a later date, but is expected to be in six or seven figures. The budget for the entire SBRI campaign is £70m.


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