Manchester Prize for AI: energy, environment and infrastructure

The Manchester Prize will award £1m every year to a team of innovators with the most cutting-edge AI solution for public good.

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£100,000 for each of up to 10 finalists: £1 million grand prize.



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The Manchester Prize, an initiative of the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, will award £1 million every year to a team of innovators with the most cutting-edge AI solution for public good.

The first Manchester Prize is seeking innovation from UK-led teams with breakthrough ideas for overcoming challenges in the fields of energy, environment and infrastructure.

For the first two years, the prize will focus on solutions to the challenges surrounding energy, environment and infrastructure. This could include using AI technology to: support the transition to electric vehicles by optimising charging methods; reduce household energy consumption by using AI to identify targeted interventions like adding insulation; or help lower costs for consumers by automating energy-intensive processes in manufacturing.

Entries are encouraged from UK-based companies, non-profits, universities and charities, with a deadline of 1st February 2024. In April, up to 10 entries will be chosen to move forward, and each of these finalists will win a prize of £100,000 to develop their ideas into a working prototype. One of these teams will go on to win the £1 million grand prize.

Supporting webinars will be held as follows:
Monday 18 December 16:30-17:30 (GMT)
Thursday 11 January 13:00-14:00 (GMT)


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