Longitude Prize on Dementia: helping people with dementia retain their independence

The Longitude Prize on Dementia will drive the creation of personalised, technology-based tools that are co-created with people living with the early stages of dementia, helping them live independent, more fulfilled lives so they are able to do the things they enjoy.

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23 Discovery Award winners will receive grants of £80,000 each to move forward with their idea. From this group, 5 finalists will receive £300,000 each, and the final winner will receive a grant of £1m.


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Dementia is a progressive condition and there is no cure, but people can live well for years. As hospitalisations can increase the rate of decline, the hope is that assistive technology can help people stay safe and independent in their home for longer. The winning solution will use the latest advances in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in combination with user data and testing to provide personalised support for people living with dementia.

The Longitude Prize on Dementia – backed by the Alzheimer’s Society, Innovate UK and Challenge Works – are calling on innovators around the world to develop digital solutions that support people with dementia to remain independent for as long as possible.


The eligibility requirements to enter are as follows:

  • The prize is open to individuals and academic groups, companies or non-profits, as well as partnerships between these.
  • The prize is open to innovators worldwide but entries must be in English.
  • Applicants must commit to co-designing their solutions with people living with dementia.
  • Applicants must commit to maintaining a high standard of data ethics.


The Longitude Prize on Dementia will be awarded to the creator of a breakthrough technology that learns from a person living with dementia, adapting and compensating for their condition as it progresses, and enabling them to continue living independently for longer.

The winning solution will be a digital device or service designed for use by people living with dementia as the primary users. It must be able to demonstrate a transformational improvement in the lives of users, helping them to retain independence in one or more of the areas that contributes to their wellbeing and quality of life, including: essential activities of daily livingcommunication and social interactions; and other activities that enable them to lead a fulfilling life doing things they enjoy.

Using advances in science and technology, such as AI and applications of big data, the winning innovation will be tailored to individual users and adapt to their changing needs over a sustained period of time. These technologies must be empowering for the user, overcoming existing ethics, design and technology challenges to develop a solution that is easy and enjoyable to use for people living with dementia as they transition through some of the pivotal transition points along the journey through the early to mid-stages of dementia.

The judges will look for specific qualities and specifications when assessing applications. In the case of the Longitude Prize on Dementia, the judging criteria which must be integrated into an application are:

  • Breakthrough innovation that helps people live independently for longer
  • Adapting to user needs to deliver tailored support, contributing to wellbeing and quality of life
  • High standards of technical excellence
  • Credible path to sustainability and scale

Click here for more details on the judging criteria.


23 Discovery Award winners will receive grants of £80,000 each to move forward with their idea, developing a prototype until May 2024. From this group, 5 finalists will receive £300,000 each, developing a solution with end users until November 2025. The final winner, to be announced in February 2026, will receive a grant of £1m.

If you would like to enter, follow the link below. Innovate UK KTN’s Health Team may be able to offer assistance, including finding collaboration partners.


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