KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - technologies to be adapted in public spaces in a post-Covid world

KTN is working with the Department for International Trade to help the Indian government open up the Indian markets to the capability of using technology for safer public space operation.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that public city spaces need to be able to operate as safer, optimised environments with digital solutions.  Technology is increasingly the critical tool to enable city authorities, service delivery and the public themselves to live, work, travel and operate when disease control restrictions are in place.

The Indian Central Government and City Authorities are keen to lock into the innovative thinking being fostered within the UK and open up the Indian markets to this capability.  New solution thinking for safer public space operation are not limited when it comes this expression of interest but key areas of interest include:

  • Digital platforms and analytics systems for monitoring pandemic threat for use within city authorities
  • Robust overarching systems for modelling, monitoring and emulating future pandemic threats and impact
  • Digital city planning solutions and designing safer city open spaces
  • Solutions that enhance the transportation of medical and critical supplies
  • Systems and approaches that encourage better use of open city spaces by the public
  • Mobile apps for public utilisation that promote safer city living in times of social distancing measures
  • Smart and digital tools that keep city transport hubs (stations/underground/bus stations) functional and operational in times of pandemic threat
  • Solutions for the identification and mitigation of online misinformation
  • Data integration programmes/platforms, data cleansing and dashboard presentation
  • Innovative solutions that utilise optical and smart camera data feeds for moderating public space utilisation

Rewards and benefits

  • Successful applicants will be invited into a closed online process (not too dissimilar to a hackathon environment) to refine their application/solutions with direct KTN support and guidance alongside datasets and support material provided by the city challenge owners.  KTN will also be able to strengthen solutions with additional collaborator introductions and wider sector intelligence input should the solution lead deem it necessary.
  • The strongest solutions following this process will then be drawn forward to present to the challenge owners and contracting authorities.  


If you have a potential solution, find out more and apply at KTN’s Innovation Exchange here.

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