NSTIx Challenge: Mapping industrial assets in a complex environment

National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) seeks solutions for operational technology asset management and discovery.

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This Challenge will last for 12 weeks with an indicative budget of £60k (ex VAT) per solution provider, with higher budgets available for consortia.

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Current Operational Technologies (OT) asset discovery solutions are often costly, requiring extensive network modifications, limiting adoption to large companies. These solutions rely on passive identification techniques, numerous sensors, and disruptive architecture changes, causing delays. They aggregate data from routers, switches, firewalls, and OT data historians. The challenge is to create affordable asset mapping tools, encouraging smaller organisations to enter the market. These tools should maximise network coverage while minimising disruption. Exploring black spots in collected data for predicting undetected assets, such as serial to IP converters or SCADA gateways, is crucial. Reporting should highlight areas where existing asset inventories lack visibility, including potential serial or RF data flows.

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