Innovation Exchange challenge: Seeing in the Dark

CCTV cameras are important surveillance and crime prevention tools, but they can be vulnerable to tampering or sabotage. Innovate UK KTN and NSTIx Op-Tech Co-Creation Centre is offering grant funding to develop an applique protection system for CCTV cameras. The challenge aims to provide a solution that protects the cameras from infrared sources while still providing the benefits of night sight.

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Applicants will have the opportunity to collaborate with NSTIx Op-Tech Co-Creation Centre to develop a concept demonstrator through a grant funded sprint. If after a demonstration, there appears to be potential for a product, then funding will likely be made available to continue this Challenge.

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Innovate UK KTN is a collaboration partner with the National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) Operational Technology (Op-Tech) Co-Creation Centre.

Our role is to highlight NSTIx Op-Tech challenges to the wider academic, micro, SME and innovation communities through our highly successful Innovation Exchange (iX) process.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras frequently use infra-red (IR) illumination to see in low-light conditions. As such they are susceptible to IR light sources within their view, and there is general awareness that they can be dazzled by attaching IR light sources to items or people that the cameras were placed to surveil.

An applique protection system is required to protect these cameras from IR sources while still providing the benefits of night sight. During exposure to these sources, there should be the ability to alternate between the direct view and protected view to ensure maximum information can be retrieved from the camera output.

Successful applicants will receive grant funding to undertake a 12-week sprint to develop an applique detection system concept demonstrator.

If after a demonstration, there appears to be potential for a product, then funding will likely be made available to continue this Challenge.

About NSTIx Op Tech Co-creation

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) is a government-led science, technology, and innovation (ST&I) partnership that enables coherent and agile delivery of innovative national security outcomes through a co-ordinated and systematic approach to research and capability development.

NSTIx has established a government-led network of themed Co-Creation Spaces (CCS). The CCS’ combines the respective power of specialist public and private sector partners in research, capability development, and end-user requirements. This supports the development of effective, user-driven technology at pace in areas that are critical to national security. For more information, please see the ‘NSTIx Leaflet’ in digital form.

The NSTIx OpTech Co-Creation Space (OCCS) has engaged with a network of key Community Collaborators to accelerate and leverage access to their existing networks of industry and academic Solution Providers.

By responding to this Challenge and participating in Co-Creation, there is an exciting opportunity for collaboration between National Security, Community Collaborators, and Solution Providers.


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