Innovation Exchange challenge: Intelligent Surveillance Trigger

NSTIx seeks ways to identify a person of interest with autonomous surveillance, which can trigger an alert for a human operator.

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Indicative funding of ~£60k per funded proposal is available, with up to £180k for consortia. If this initial project shows the concept to be feasible, and the Co-Creation team agree, there is potential for follow-on project funding.

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This challenge seeks to inform future capability development of novel approaches to overcome the challenge of providing an intelligent surveillance trigger of a positive identification of a person of interest. Ideally this would lead to significantly reduced human interaction, noting human-machine teaming will always be required for key decision making.

The surveillance trigger could be based off a database of information, for example facial recognition, a person’s gait, or other novel identification methods.  The benefits of intelligent and unsupervised learning could also be utilised to improve reliability.

The focus of the proposal should be on the unsupervised processing of surveillance information for a machine to intelligently provide a trigger or notification that a human in the loop or a UAV can act upon. The vehicle of delivery (i.e., UAV) is not the focus, though the technology developed will likely but not necessarily be used with a commercial UAV, so interoperability should be considered for future phases of work.

To further steer, several options could be considered:

  • Positive identification could come from traditional image processing or deep learning techniques.
  • Broader person identification techniques beyond facial recognition or other datasets beyond imagery.
  • Utilising AI/ML algorithms to positively identify a person from available data sources.
  • Edge processing to provide real-time information without the need to be cloud connected.
  • The proposal should consider what data sets would be necessary to activate the trigger (be it captured imagery footage, open-source, synthetic etc). As this project is open to innovative methods.
  • Thought should be given to future ethical and legal compliance implications.
  • We will not be able to provide datasets, please consider in your proposal what training data could be used.

This challenge is open to all UK based academic institutions, UK registered start-ups, SMEs and Primes.

Collaborative proposals are encouraged to pool collective strengths to co-create a viable solution to this challenge.

Please find the PDF of slides from Silverstone briefing day here.

Please find the Frequently Asked Questions here. 

Challenge briefing | Intelligent surveillance link


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