Innovation Exchange challenge: construction of a poultry feed pellet using Yeast Protein Concentrate (YPC)

Seeking innovators who can formulate, pelletise, trial and validate a sustainable and cost-effective poultry feed using Yeast Protein Concentrate (YPC).

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Up to £25,000 for successful solution providers, plus business support, technical support, invitation to attend or present at relevant events, and potential business collaboration and/or investor introductions.


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The Net Zero Catalyst is supporting the challenge holder in seeking innovators to refine the formulation, pelletising, trial, and validation of an alternative poultry feed derived from Yeast Protein Concentrate (YPC). This new feed aims to substantially reduce the reliance on imported soya, which is both costly and carbon-intensive. The challenge involves developing a viable feed pellet that combines YPC with supplementary UK-grown protein sources such as legumes or lupin. For egg-laying birds YPC can only constitute 40-50% of the protein content. The challenge holder is looking for a partner capable of developing the formula, pelletising the feed, conducting the trials, and having the results validated by an external third party, likely an academic institute specializing in poultry nutrition. The main barriers to overcome include the aqueous nature of YPC, which poses challenges in drying and combining it with other ingredients while retaining nutritional content. Additionally, while many egg layers do not require pelletised feed, creating a pelletized product could enhance marketability within domestic markets.


An SME technology developer has pioneered a sustainable use of yeast protein concentrate (YPC) derived from pot-ale, a by-product of the whisky distilling process, to potentially create a novel poultry feed. This innovative approach seeks solution providers to help pelletise this feed, perform a trial and validate the results.

The project presents opportunity to develop a sustainable poultry feed alternative, offering economic and environmental benefit across multiple industries. By transforming whisky industry waste into a valuable agricultural resource, this challenge aims to link waste management and agricultural productivity, contributing to a more sustainable food production ecosystem.

The potential market for production is up to 500,000 tonnes of feed per annum. This could satisfy around 25% of the UK feed market for egg-laying hens. Once established, there is potential for broader use of the feed with multiple applications.

For this challenge, the selected applicant will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with the challenge holder, implementing their innovative solution. Additionally, they will gain access to grant funding of up to £25,000 to support their project.

Entrants to this competition must be:

  • A small-medium sized enterprise (SME)
  • A UK based/UK registered business
  • Have not exceeded its Minimum Financial Assistance limit (or De Minimis, where relevant).

For further functional and technical requirements, visit the Innovation Exchange site at the link below.


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