Innovation Exchange challenge: Automating identification of litter

LitterLotto® wishes to engage innovators to find Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning solutions that can auto-identify litter in its mobile application.

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Shortlisted applicants will be given an opportunity to pitch their solution. The final successful applicant will deliver a proof-of-concept trial. The project team (LitterLotto® and the winning applicant) will receive a £25,000 grant award, to be apportioned as agreed on a bilateral basis.

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LitterLotto® is a mobile application designed to eliminate the ongoing problem of litter, affecting the entire planet. The app encourages users to take action against littering by providing the chance to win prizes for every piece of litter they bin. LitterLotto® has over 100,000 users and allows them to report and track the litter they identify and supports wider efforts to clean up the environment. It offers this financial incentive by working with major brands that want a cleaner environment.

LitterLotto® currently hosts a weekly prize draw for £1000 and weekly spot prizes in the UK and other campaigns around the world offering combinations of spot prizes and / or jackpots. Users must collect litter, place it in a litter bin, and upload a picture of anything they pick up.

LitterLotto® currently manually validates the pictures of litter uploaded by users to approve whether the collected litter meets its required criteria, but it would like to automate this process. It is also interested in advancing the capabilities of its application to begin to provide Realtime recycling advice to users about specific pieces of litter.

For further details, technical requirements, example pictures and more info, follow the link below.


Entrants to this competition must:

  • Be SMEs or individual entrepreneurs
  • Be UK based or have the intention to set up a UK base
  • Have not exceeded its Minimum Financial Assistance limit (or De Minimis, where relevant)

Rewards & Benefits

Shortlisted applicants will be given an opportunity to pitch to LitterLotto®. The final winning solution provider will receive:

  • A portion of a £25,000 grant award to work with LitterLotto® on delivery of a proof-of-concept trial (exact terms and funding amount to be agreed between LitterLotto® and the winning solution provider)
  • Support from KTN, if it is required
  • Invitations to attend or present at KTN events
  • Investor introductions, if required
  • Support if any Innovate UK or similar competitions are relevant.

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