Hydrogen Innovation Initiative Venture Building Programme

Develop collaborative ventures to commercialise hydrogen technologies for logistics, centred around the river Thames.

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The goal is to assemble partners willing to work together, share insights, and merge capabilities to create new ventures.

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Connected Places Catapult is excited to unveil the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (Hii) Venture Building Programme, a pioneering effort squarely focused on accelerating the development and commercialisation of hydrogen-based technologies. At the heart of this initiative is the ambition to merge public and private assets, technology, talent, and capital to create a new breed of enterprises.

In this open call, we seek to invite organisations and individuals who are eager to integrate their technology, talent, and assets with others to form collaborative ventures. The goal is to assemble partners willing to work together, share insights, and merge capabilities to create new ventures.

The programme is a gateway for participants to engage in the creation of ventures with substantial commercial and societal impact, focussed around last-mile logistics and hydrogen infrastructure along the Thames.

At the heart of this programme is the strategic utilisation of the River Thames. Flowing through London and extending into the broader English landscape, the Thames offers a unique opportunity for innovative logistics and energy solutions. Its extensive network and strategic location make it an ideal asset for addressing immediate logistical and environmental challenges, serving as a scalable model for waterway-based solutions worldwide. The integration of modern technology and sustainable practices within this natural resource highlights the potential for impactful, scalable solutions.

Application support webinar

Join Connected Places Catapult and partners to introduce the programme and answer any questions you may have around the application process, on 18 April, from 1:00pm – 2:30pm, online. Register here.

Programme focus areas

There are two main foci for the programme:

Last-Mile Logistics System for Perishable Goods: Utilising hydrogen technologies, with a particular focus on propulsion, to revolutionise the delivery of perishable goods, enhancing efficiency, and reducing environmental impacts.

Hydrogen Conversion and Distribution Infrastructure: Focused on developing infrastructure for hydrogen conversion and distribution, this consortium or SPV will support last-mile logistics systems along the River Thames, promoting sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon emissions.

If you have any questions about the programme and application, please contact: Emilio Binst, Senior Business Analyst, emilio.binst@cp.catapult.org.uk.


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