Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society - Cluster 2

Horizon Europe has a wide variety of open calls for culture, creativity and inclusive society, with closing dates in April 2022. Some of these also include AI, big data, digital tech, materials and health.

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Total budget €372.5m across 47 funding calls


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Cluster 2, ‘Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society’ aims to meet EU goals and priorities on enhancing democratic governance and citizens participation, on the safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage, and to respond to and shape multifaceted social, economic, technological and cultural transformations. Cluster 2 mobilises multidisciplinary expertise of European social sciences and humanities for understanding fundamental contemporary transformations of society, economy, politics and culture. It aims to provide evidence-based policy options for a socially just and inclusive European green and digital transition and

Horizon Europe has a wide variety of open calls for culture, creativity and inclusive society, with closing dates in April 2022. These include three destinations as follows:

Innovative research on social and economic transformations (17 calls) – including “Integration of emerging new technologies into education and training” and “Socio-economic effects of ageing societies”. Total budget €147m.

Innovative research on the European cultural heritage and the cultural and creative industries (16 calls) – including “Green technologies and materials for cultural heritage”, “Preserving and enhancing cultural heritage with advanced digital technologies”, “Effects of climate change and natural hazards on cultural heritage and remediation”, “Games and culture shaping our society” and “Towards a competitive, fair and sustainable European music ecosystem”. Total budget €144.5m.

Innovative research on democracy and governance (14 calls) – including “Artificial intelligence, big data and democracy” and “Politics and governance in a post-pandemic world”. Total budget €81m.

(The sub-calls with most relevance to KTN subscribers have been pointed out above but others may also be of interest.)

Click on each of the topic titles above for a list of funding calls. Under each funding call you will also find a link to organisations looking for collaboration opportunities. The calls have various closing dates, usually either 21st October 2021 or 6th April 2022.

For advice, please contact Viola Hay or Jane Watkins from our European funding team.


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