Global Business Innovation Programme in Sweden - Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Innovate UK invites up to 15 companies with expertise in antimicrobial resistance to participate in a Global Business Innovation Programme with a market visit to Sweden.

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Innovate UK will fund and organise flights, accommodation, in-market travel, and conference fees for successful applicants. Innovate UK will also pay for any reasonable adjustments throughout the initiative. One representative from each company will be funded.


Innovate UK

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Note: This opportunity is fully funded support and not monetary funding.

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme aims to help UK businesses to grow and scale on a global stage through building R&D and innovation collaborations and partnerships.

This GBIP consists of a Get ready preparation stage in the UK, a six-day innovation visit to Sweden, an Exploit the opportunity workshop and followup support from an Innovate UK innovation and growth specialist, helping your business maximise the opportunities identified, including developing innovation projects with partners in the region.

This GBIP is particularly relevant for businesses with a focus on Diagnostics, Antimicrobials, Preventatives, Stewardship and Phage Therapy at the core of their value proposition.

Find out how our GBIP in Sweden can help your business grow.

  • A GBIP has three stages:

    Prepare for the market

    Preparing for the market includes the cohort being briefed by sector and market experts on, for example, cultural aspects of conducting business in that country. Delegates receive help to find business partners and arrange meetings and are advised on best practice including the management and protection of their intellectual property.

    Visiting the market

    Visiting the market provides opportunities to attend pre-arranged meetings and activities in order to better understand and maximise the opportunities that the visit presents.

    Exploiting the opportunity

    Exploiting the opportunity is arguably the most important aspect of the programme. To maximise the opportunity, participating companies are given bespoke one-to-one support from an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist to help develop and implement an action plan.

    The Global Business Innovation Programme operates on a competitive basis and businesses selected are required to participate in all three stages (some or all of which may be online).

  • To participate in this GBIP your business must be an SME and established in the UK. The CEO, founder, or a senior decision maker from the business will be expected to participate in all aspects of the GBIP.

  • The Swedish Government has adopted an updated strategy to combat AMR. The overarching goal continues to be preserving the possibility of effective treatment of bacterial infections in humans and animals. The strategy recognises that Swedish efforts to combat antibiotic resistance at the national, EU and international levels need to be long-term and sustainable and be based on effective initiatives in all relevant areas.
    Sweden continues to show leadership in international efforts, in line with the Swedish Policy for Global Development and global commitments made under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and EU activities. The strategy is based on ongoing Swedish efforts to combat antibiotic resistance, on the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance adopted by the WHO1 Member States, the FAO2 action plan, the OIE3 strategy and on other relevant plans and strategies such as the EU Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance, the IACG4 recommendations and the joint work plan of the Tripartite5. The strategy comprises seven “One Health” objectives which closely reflect UK strategic ambitions and this demonstrates that Sweden is an ideal collaborator with UK organisations along with their progress to date in tackling AMR:
    • Objective 1: Increased knowledge through enhanced surveillance
    • Objective 2: Continued strong preventive measures
    • Objective 3: Responsible use of antibiotics
    • Objective 4: Increased knowledge for preventing and managing bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance with new methods
    • Objective 5: Improved awareness and understanding in society of antibiotic resistance and countermeasures
    • Objective 6: Supporting structures and systems
    • Objective 7: Leadership within the EU and international cooperation.
    • Explore opportunities for AMR collaboration in Sweden
    • Visit major tech clusters to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in these markets
    • Meet key AMR players
    • Find potential innovation collaborators and partners, and develop your network in the UK and globally
    • Improve your company value proposition to international partners and investors
    • Applications close: 22nd July 2024
    • Get ready workshop: 18th – 19th September 2024
    • Visit the market: 17th – 22nd November 2024
    • Exploit the opportunity Workshop: 21st February 2025

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