Global Business Innovation Programme: Germany - Artificial Intelligence Transport and Logistics

This GBIP will help develop collaborations between UK businesses and German partners to take advantage of upcoming R&D funding opportunities.

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Briefings from sector and market experts, help to find business partners, advice on best practice, market visit with pre-arranged meetings and activities, bespoke one-to-one support from an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist.


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Note: This opportunity is fully funded support and not monetary funding.

Up to 15 high-growth innovative businesses take part in each Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP). They are supported intensively by an innovation and growth specialist whilst exploring and exploiting the collaboration, growth and innovation opportunities that exist in a specific business market around a specific theme, from Agritech to AI. The GBIP provides detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insight that SMEs would find difficult to obtain themselves.

Find out how Innovate UK’s GBIP in AI Transport and Logistics in Germany can help your business grow.

  • A GBIP has three stages:

    Prepare for the market

    Preparing for the market includes the cohort being briefed by sector and market experts on, for example, cultural aspects of conducting business in that country. Delegates receive help to find business partners and arrange meetings and are advised on best practice including the management and protection of their intellectual property.

    Visiting the market

    Visiting the market provides opportunities to attend pre-arranged meetings and activities in order to better understand and maximise the opportunities that the visit presents.

    Exploiting the opportunity

    Exploiting the opportunity is arguably the most important aspect of the programme. To maximise the opportunity, participating companies are given bespoke one-to-one support from an Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist to help develop and implement an action plan.

    The Global Business Innovation Programme operates on a competitive basis and businesses selected are required to participate in all three stages (some or all of which may be online).

  • To apply, you must bee a UK registered and trading company with less than 500 employees (in Northern Ireland less than 250 employees, a turnover of less than €50 million or a balance sheet total of less than €43 million).

    To qualify an enterprise cannot have received more than £344,600 (in Northern Ireland €200,000) of subsidy within any three-year period (UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement Article 3.2).

    You must be a going concern and have filed your accounts on time, have no more than 2 County Court Judgements over £10,000, and have no disqualified directors.

  • Why Germany? Germany is recognised, alongside the UK, as a leader in AI with synergies across respective country’s strategies. Germany’s planned investments in AI will be increased to €5 billion by 2025 and has commitments to using AI to reach Net Zero goals which will be directly targeted by this GBIP.

    This GBIP will complement the German Federal Government’s new agility in research funding with initiatives such as the “Energy efficient AI system” pilot innovation competition. It will build on Innovate UK’s successful AI GBIP with Germany undertaken in 2022.

    Dusseldorf is also home to the Logistics Summit exhibition and convention for digitalization and innovation in the logistics sector. The Innovation Visit will include access to this important event allowing opportunity to showcase your innovations and meet potential partners.

  • This Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) is particularly relevant for businesses in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transport and transport logistics. If you are not sure if your company’s work area is suitable, contact Bita Najafi, Innovation & Growth Specialist, Innovate UK EDGE: or 07729 116379.

  • Watch the recording of the applicant briefing event on 22nd June 2023 here

    Closing date: 17th July 2023
    Pre-visit workshop: 7th-8th September 2023
    Market visit: 8th-13th October 2023
    Post-visit GBIP workshop: 19th January 2024

    For more information, please contact Bita Najafi, Innovation & Growth Specialist, Innovate UK EDGE: or 07729 116379.


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