Eureka GlobalStars Japan Round 2

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £2m to develop innovative proposals in partnership with Japan and other participating Eureka members.

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UK applicants can apply for a maximum grant request of up to £600,000 for each project. This can cover up to 70% of your costs depending on business size. No more than 70% of the total eligible project costs can be claimed by a single partner, or a single country's partners.


Innovate UK

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Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will work with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Japan, and other participating Eureka members to invest up to £2 million in innovation projects.

This competition is for UK businesses that want to apply to the Eureka Globalstars Japan call. Please visit the Eureka call for proposals web page if you are not a UK applicant.

The additional EUREKA members confirmed as participating in this competition are Canada, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Singapore and Spain.

The aim of this competition is to fund business led, collaborative research and development (CR&D) projects focused on industrial research. This competition will be for innovative proposals developed between the UK, Japan and the other participating Eureka members. Innovate UK will be funding the UK partners only.

Your project must have high market potential and develop at least one of the following:

  • innovative products
  • technology-based applications
  • technology-based services

Projects must be co-ordinated by a lead partner from the UK and a lead partner from Japan as a minimum requirement. Any additional partners from each Eureka member should also nominate a lead from that country.

  • To lead a UK project your organisation must:

    • be a UK registered business of any size
    • be or involve at least one grant claiming UK registered SME
    • partner with a Japanese registered business, which must be a separate non-linked entity to the UK project partner

    To collaborate with the lead, your organisation must be one of the following UK registered:

    • business of any size
    • academic institution
    • research and technology organisation (RTO)

    UK research organisations cannot lead or work alone. They must be able to show how they will exploit the results of the project to grow the wider sector in the UK.

    The organisations from participating Eureka members must meet the funding and eligibility conditions of their respective national funding bodies. These will be published on the Eureka call for proposals web page when this competition opens. These organisations must apply through their own funding bodies and not through the Innovation Funding Service.

    A UK registered business can lead on one application but can be included as a collaborator in two further applications.

    If a UK registered business is not leading any application, it can collaborate in up to three applications.

    A UK registered academic institution or RTO can collaborate on any number of applications.

  • Your UK project must:

    • have a grant funding request of no more than £600,000
    • start by 1 August 2024
    • end by 31 July 2028
    • last between 12 and 48 months*

    *Please note: Canada, Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands and Spain can only fund projects with a duration of up to 36 months. Any projects which include a collaboration with these countries will only be able to have a project duration of up to 36 months.

    The start date and funded period depends on the national funding procedures of the Eureka members involved in the selected projects.

    Each partner must carry out the majority of their funded work within the Eureka member from which they receive funding, for example the UK for Innovate UK funding.

  • This competition will support industrial research with Innovate UK funding the UK partners only.

    Your collaborative R&D proposal must demonstrate:

    • a clear game changing or disruptive innovative idea leading to new products, processes or services
    • a strong and deliverable business plan that addresses and documents market potential and needs
    • sound, practical financial plans and timelines
    • good value for money which will always be a consideration in Innovate UK funding decisions
    • a clear, evidence based plan to deliver significant economic impact, return on investment (ROI) and growth through commercialisation, as soon as possible after project completion
    • clear, considerable potential to significantly benefit the UK economy or national productivity
    • the benefits of participants from the UK, Japan and any other participating Eureka members working together and how this adds value
    • a clear definition of where intellectual property (IP) can be used and shared between the participants
    • a clear route to market within 2 to 3 years of project completion

    Your project must demonstrate an effective collaboration between the UK partners and Japan.


    We will not fund projects that:

    • are in the nuclear or pharmaceutical sector
    • do not include at least one UK registered SME and one eligible Japanese registered business as a minimum
    • do not meet Innovate UK’s eligibility criteria
    • do not submit all mandatory documentation
    • work on non-civilian technologies
    • request grants of more than £600,000 from Innovate UK
  • Innovate UK held an online briefing on 24 October: a recording will appear on the IFS site when available.

    If you would like help to find a project partner, contact Innovate UK KTN’s Global team in the first instance.


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