Discover Digital Transformation Training Programme

Explore the potential of your business with the Discover Digital Transformation Training Programme by STFC Hartree Centre.

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Gain hands-on guidance from data science and AI experts, explore digital technologies, and create a tailored action plan for digital readiness.



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About the ‘Discover Digital Transformation Training Programme’

Could you benefit from hands-on guidance and one-to-one mentoring on your digital journey with data science and AI experts?

Our Discover Digital Transformation training programme is designed with decision-makers in mind, and aims to help your business to explore digital, data-driven and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, help you to decide what’s right for your organisation and build an action plan to become digital-ready.

This training course is fully funded by the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme, so is free at the point of delivery.

Who is this for?

The programme is designed for businesses or organisations of any size in agriculture, creative industries, construction or transportation, who want to enhance their data and AI knowledge and begin the road to adoption. For example, but not limited to:

  • Decision-makers
  • Production managers
  • Business analysts
  • Business development managers
  • Heads of operations

What will you gain?

During the courses, our specialists will help you enhance your understanding of why and how to implement AI.
We will equip you with a digital grounding, ready to take the next steps to revolutionise operational processes, boost productivity and initiate future growth, covering topics such as:

  • How to improve data handling and quality in your organisation to begin the digital transformation process
  • Understanding the different types of data analytics and show how they can be applied to industry challenges to provide productivity benefits to your business
  • Assessing whether your business is ready to implement AI solutions and how to choose the right methods, tools or products

How does it work?

The programme consists of five sessions in key technology areas which can be taken individually as drop-in sessions or followed as an entire series. To access the sessions, you will need to register to the Hartree Centre Training Portal.

Series 2

Making data work for you – Tues 2 April  2024
AI applications in industry – Tues 9 April 2024
Modelling to aid decision making – Tues 16 April 2024
Why digital twins? – Tues 23 April 2024
Scalable platforms supporting digital transformation – Tues 20 April 2024

Series 3

Making data work for you – Wed 18 September  2024
AI applications in industry – Wed 25 September 2024
Modelling to aid decision making – Wed 2 October 2024
Why digital twins? – Wed 9 October 2024
Scalable platforms supporting digital transformation – Wed 16 October 2024

Series 4

Making data work for you – Tuesday 7 January 2025
AI applications in industry – Tuesday 14 January 2025
Modelling to aid decision making – Tuesday 21 January 2025
Why digital twins? – Tuesday 28 January 2025
Scalable platforms supporting digital transformation – Tuesday 4 February 2025

What is the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)’s Hartree Centre?

The Hartree Centre helps UK businesses and organisations of any size to explore and adopt innovative supercomputing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for enhanced productivity, smarter innovation and economic growth.

Backed by significant UK Government funding and strategic industry partnerships, the Hartree Centre is home to some of the most advanced digital technologies and experts in the UK.
As part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council and UK Research and Innovation, the Hartree Centre builds on a wealth of established scientific heritage and a network of international expertise, helping the UK to stay at the forefront of pioneering computational science and digital innovation.

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