Digital Security by Design – Technology Access Programme

Qualifying UK-based companies will have exclusive access to an Arm designed Morello evaluation board, with its cutting-edge CPU architecture.

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The programme provides participating companies with access to the Arm designed prototype hardware, CHERI software stack, technical guides, and expert support. Companies with under 250 employees are also eligible for a grant of £15,000.

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Through the DSbD Technology Access Programme (TAP), qualifying UK-based companies will have exclusive access to an Arm designed Morello evaluation board, with its cutting-edge CPU architecture.

A Morello board is a real-world test platform developed by Arm for the Morello prototype architecture based on the CHERI protection model, a novel instruction-set architecture developed by the University of Cambridge and SRI International. These technologies can defend against most known memory safety issues in C and C++ and participants will be able to use these technologies to uncover security vulnerabilities in their own systems.

In addition to receiving a Morello evaluation board, participating companies will get access to the CHERI software stack, technical guides, and expert support to get started and trial these new technologies within their systems. The duration of the Technology Access Programme is 6 months. At the end of the trial period, participating companies will be offered to keep the Morello evaluation board.

The TAP is a tiered programme; qualifying companies (<250 employees) will receive a £15,000 grant during the experimentation period. The programme is administered by Digital Catapult on behalf of UKRI.

The programme is open to UK-based companies that have a company culture of exploring, experimenting and inventing with new technologies, with a view of finding commercial applications. Companies with an R&D department and a strong focus on cyber security are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be registered on Companies House and also have a business bank account.

Companies within the following industries should apply:

  • Information Technology and services
  • Computer software
  • Industrial automation
  • Computer hardware
  • CPU semiconductors
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturers of connected consumer / industrial electronics (IoT & IIoT)

Your company would ideally operate within or supply to the following sectors: utilities, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, automotive, energy & mining, and all other sectors serving the Critical National Infrastructure.

Please also read the Technical Details section on the DSbD dedicated website before applying.

Once you complete the initial application form, the DSbD will invite you to a screening call to better understand your experience and fit for the programme, and you will then be sent a full application form and asked to submit a preliminary project plan.


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