DASA Competition: Populating the World of Training (Phase 1)

This competition seeks novel and innovative proposals that will help deliver a credible, complex and representative human terrain to effectively train British Army personnel and other Land Forces operating in the land environment.

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The Army anticipates funding proposals between £100k and £300k: these can cover up to 50% of project costs.



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The Army is seeking proposals ranging from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 to 6 that address any element of the A3E challenge. This challenge includes, but is not limited to:

  • A representation of threats, from a peer+ multifaceted threat (i.e. that is closely matched or superior to British forces in respects to size, capability and lethality) to actions below the threshold of conflict, across the physical, digital, political and social environments.
  • Systems that deliver a seamless A3E (Audiences, Actors, Adversaries and Enemies) blend across and within the LVC  (Live, Virtual and Constructive) environments.
  • Highly manoeuvrable mechanised forces, supported by wheeled/tracked vehicles and massed fires.
  • Massed indirect fires capability including the use of deep fires, counter-battery, scatterable mines and thermobaric weapons.
  • Ground and air remote and autonomous systems that represent a full spectrum of capabilities, including the delivery of kinetic effects, and layered intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance directly linked to Command & Control and fires.
  • An electro-magnetic spectrum including representative background clutter and hostile capabilities such as signal detection, recognition, identification, location and exploitation (e.g. through listening, jamming, deception or targeting).
  • Hostile Information Manoeuvre activities, including social media.
  • Capabilities that can be integrated with future tactical engagement systems.
  • The replication of different styles of doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures from a wide variety of potential adversaries, including state actors and improvised insurgency tactics.
  • Live and synthetic representation of “pattern of life” entities, such as tribal leaders/elders, local military/security forces, other government agencies, non-governmental organisations, media, industry, infrastructure and services.
  • Scalable, configurable and consistent representation of A3E behaviours.
  • Systems that simulate acoustic, visual, thermal and radio frequency signatures.
  • Systems that augment physical and virtual A3E capabilities.

A dial-in session was held on 17th March: click here to view the recording.

The total possible funding available for this competition is £2.845 million (ex VAT). The Army is keen to select multiple proposals for funding. We anticipate proposals of between £100k and £300k but may consider higher proposal values that provide value for money (VFM). Genuinely compelling submissions outside these parameters will be considered. All proposals must not exceed 12 months project duration.


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