CRACK IT challenge 46: FET4Thyroid

This Challenge aims to develop an assay using non-protected life-stages of fish to detect thyroid-active chemicals and meet OECD principles.

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Up to £100k to the winner(s), for a project lasting up to 18 months



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NC3RS is the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction (the “3 Rs”) of the use of animals in scientific research.

Funding of £4M is available through their 2023 CRACK IT Challenges competition to solve four Challenges, providing academics and SMEs based in the UK and Europe with the opportunity to deliver scientific and 3Rs benefits through the development and commercialisation of 3Rs products and services that are tailored to end-user needs.

Challenge 46 – FET4Thyroid: A Fish Eleutheroembryo Test for Thyroid Activity.

Background: Environmental Risk Assessment relies on animal testing to assess toxicological properties of chemicals, including endocrine disruption (ED). Currently, amphibians and fish are used in the assessment of ED properties of chemicals.

Challenge aim: To develop an assay using non-protected life-stages of fish to detect thyroid-active chemicals that is designed to meet OECD principles for use in a regulatory context.

3Rs benefits: Using a fish eleutheroembryo test to identify thyroid-mediated endocrine disruption could preclude the requirement for studies in amphibians and fish protected life-stages.

This Challenge is sponsored by Bayer AG and BASF SE and co-funded by Bayer AG. Applicants from the same organisation(s) as the Sponsors are not eligible to apply.

The competition is open to any UK or European body, public or private. Applications can be from single organisations or investigators or from consortia. The lead applicant must be UK or European based (country in EU, EEA or EFTA).

Budget information: up to £100K for a single project of up to 18 months

Read further background details on the challenge, including the full brief and technical requirements.

Register for the FET4Thyroid launch webinar on Wednesday 6 September 2023, 14.00 – 15.15 (BST).

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