Commercial Applications of Space-Enabled Robotics: Transport and Logistics

ESA invites proposals for services that combine the use of satellite technologies and robotics for transport and logistics.

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ESA will bear up to 50% (non-SME businesses) or 80% (for SMEs) of the eligible cost pending support from the National Delegation, and the remainder must be financed by the tenderer and/or other partners.



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This call is part of the umbrella of “Commercial Applications of Space-Enabled Robotics” thematic call for proposals. 

This Call for Proposals invites proposals for Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects for services that combine the use of satellite technologies and robotics for downstream services for transport and logistics.

‘Robotics’ is here defined to include physical robots, autonomous drones, machines and vehicles, and precursory solutions or those that enable these (e.g., perception and navigation systems for autonomous vehicle services, connectivity solutions to enable tele-operated robotics-).

Within the context of transport and logistics, the intention is to support the study, development and demonstration of autonomous vehicle services and precursors (including tele-operated vehicles) for commercial services in this arena, with particular focus on the most accessible markets for such solutions.

These could be in the domain of delivery services, public transportation, long-haul trucking, industrial settings, campus and controlled environments, short-sea shipping, inland waterway transport, and beyond. Autonomous services may relate to vehicles on land, air, and sea.

We look for promising business ideas addressing topics of relevance or related areas that propose:

  • attractive market opportunities, identified customer needs and customer engagement
  • commercially-viable service concepts
  • technically feasible solutions
  • added value of space data or technology
  • motivated teams with business, technical, and financial expertise

We offer funding and support to companies, both for business case assessment and for the development of new, space-based services. Our offer includes:

  • zero-equity funding*
  • technical and commercial guidance
  • access to our network and partners
  • ESA brand credibility
  • *(50-80% depending on SME Status and Member State Approval)

This opportunity is open to companies that intend to develop space-enabled services and products from 22 ESA member states, including the UK. If you would like help to find a project partner, contact Innovate UK Business Connect’s Space team.


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