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Learn how The Alan Turing Institute’s ‘Turing Commons’ can guide you in designing, developing, and using data-driven technologies responsibly. Explore free and open-source guidebooks with distinct skills tracks for researchers, or anyone interested in responsible research and innovation, public engagement, or AI Ethics and governance.

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About the ‘Turing Commons’

The ‘Turing Commons’ is an online platform that offers free and openly available guidebooks to support open dialogue and reflection about the responsible design, development, and deployment of data-driven technologies.

These guidebooks offer three distinct skills tracks depending on your background and needs. The aim is to guide you in reflecting, discussing, and taking responsibility for the design, development, and use of data-driven technologies.

  • The ‘Turing Commons’ is for researchers, ethicists, sociologists, policymakers, or anyone with an interest in responsible data-driven technology. There are three skills tracks, each aimed at a different audience:

    • Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) – primarily for researchers with an active interest in data science or AI research and innovation. This module is oriented towards research issues and related topics, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a data scientist or researcher using R or Python to analyse data.
    • Public Engagement of Data Science and AI (PED) – primarily for researchers with an active interest in public engagement, specifically in the context of data science and artificial intelligence. You could also be an ethicist, sociologist, or someone with an interest in law and public policy.
    • AI Ethics & Governance (AEG) – primarily for researchers with an active interest in the ethics and governance of data science and AI. You could also be an ethicist, sociologist, or someone with an interest in law and public policy.
  • By exploring the ‘Turing Commons’, you will gain the following benefits:

    • Free and open-source materials: You can explore our guidebooks for free and without any restrictions.
    • Distinct skills tracks: You can select the most relevant information for your background and needs.
    • Hands-on and practical approach: You will gain concrete guidance on implementing the concepts in a real-world context, providing you with the skills and tools you need to design, develop, and use data-driven technologies responsibly.

Who is The Alan Turing Institute?

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, tackling big challenges in science, society, and the economy through research. The Institute is committed to advancing the world-changing potential of data science and artificial intelligence while promoting ethical and responsible use.

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