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About the BridgeAI Standards Community

The Innovate UK BridgeAI Standards Community, hosted by BSI, is an online space for SMEs offering insights and guidance on key standards, research and case studies, as well as providing the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other businesses and BSI experts.

How does it work?

Innovate UK’s BridgeAI programme facilitates the development and adoption of AI through a range of offerings, building capabilities in businesses and providing specific support.

The BridgeAI Standards Community is designed exactly for this – to provide support specifically for AI standards, to help you unlock the full potential of AI in a responsible and trustworthy way.

By joining the community, you will have access to insights on key foundational standards, case studies, articles, and other resources to help you understand the role of standards in AI and how to apply them to your applications.

Who is it for?

The community is for all SMEs within the BridgeAI target sectors: agriculture, construction, creative industries and transport.

What will you gain?

  • An understanding of key digital standards, and how they can support your organisation achieve its goals, unlocking the full potential of AI in a responsible and trustworthy way.
  • Have access to a wide range of insights and resources including case studies on the successful adoption of standards, to help your organisation see how you could also achieve success with AI.
  • Connect with other businesses with similar needs to share knowledge and also connect with experts at BSI.

To join the community, register using the link below, then activate your account by clicking the link in the validation email.

About BSI

BSI is the UK’s National Standards Body, supporting organisations around the world in their responses to complex challenges including sustainability, climate change and digital transformation, helping to embrace technology and build trust in AI.

In partnership with BridgeAI, BSI leads on standards insights and support for SMEs in the development and adoption of AI solutions within the key sectors and paving the way for responsible implementation of trustworthy AI.

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