eLearning course: Operationalising Ethics in AI

Learn how to incorporate ethical AI principles into your organisation’s systems design process with the self-paced e-learning course ‘Operationalising Ethics in AI’ from The Alan Turing Institute. Available in two levels – Intermediate and Expert.

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E-learning self-directed courses, estimated total duration 11-20 hours


The Alan Turing Institute

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About ‘Operationalising Ethics in AI’

‘Operationalising Ethics in AI’ is a comprehensive e-learning course from The Alan Turing Institute designed to help businesses, organisations, or individuals incorporate ethical principles into their AI initiatives. The course provides immediate and applicable advice about embedding ethical AI into their organisation’s systems.

The self-paced, open course materials are designed to help you easily access and learn the key principles of ethical AI, at your own pace and in any order you choose.

With real-world case studies, self-reflection worksheets, and hands-on coding exercises, you’ll have everything you need to engage with the materials and immediately apply what you learn to your work context.


  • This course is suitable for businesses, organisations, or individuals involved in developing, evaluating, or distributing AI who want to ensure that their AI efforts are responsible and sustainable.

  • By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

    • Ethical Principles Integration: Learn how to incorporate ethical principles into the design process of AI systems. By critically reflecting on ethical concepts and applying them to your work, you will be able to create ethical AI systems that align with your values.
    • Transparency and Fairness: Understand transparency and fairness in various domains of applications and learn to identify relevant concepts of fairness and transparency for your specific domain. This will allow you to create ethical AI systems that are tailored to your industry.
    • Algorithmic Techniques and Tools: Learn to evaluate and apply relevant algorithmic techniques and tools that assess transparency and fairness of model performance. With this knowledge, you will be able to confidently apply ethical AI to real-world use cases.

Who is The Alan Turing Institute?

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, tackling big challenges in science, society, and the economy through research. The Institute is committed to advancing the world-changing potential of data science and artificial intelligence while promoting ethical and responsible use.

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