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Gain practical, actionable support to identify and address data issues, while becoming a responsible data scientist with The Alan Turing Institute’s ‘How Data Lies’ course. Enrol now and gain access to 40 hours of independent user-level resources.

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About ‘How Data Lies’

Part of the BridgeAI programme, ‘How Data Lies’ is a course developed and run by The Alan Turing Institute, designed to provide practical and actionable support to data scientists looking to be responsible in their work.

This course draws heavily on real-world examples and scenarios to provide context for the theoretical concepts covered and offers multiple pathways through the material depending on your background and goals.

  • This course is primarily intended for Data Scientists who want to learn about the ethical considerations that are shaping the future of AI and want to become responsible data scientists.

    In addition, the course is also appropriate for managers of data scientists or even their collaborators who may benefit from the broad discussions but skip some of the practical details.

  • By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

    • Identify and address data issues: Learn to demonstrate an awareness of some ethical considerations which are shaping the future of AI and why data scientists need to be responsible in their role. Identify common pitfalls where data misinterpretation can arise and be presented with concrete advice to avoid them.
    • Gain practical experience with data: Gain practical experience working with data to draw correct conclusions in data containing complexities. This course will enable you to highlight your knowledge to potential employers or clients, providing you with a competitive edge.
    • Be flexible with multiple pathways through the material: Depending on your background and goals, you can have the flexibility to explore by topic area, via case studies, or through practical application.

Who is The Alan Turing Institute?

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, tackling big challenges in science, society, and the economy through research. The Institute is committed to advancing the world-changing potential of data science and artificial intelligence while promoting ethical and responsible use.

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