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Accelerate your digital expertise with the Hartree Centre Training Portal, from Science and Technology Facilities Council, as part of Innovate UK’s BridgeAI programme.

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Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre

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About the ‘Hartree Centre Training Portal’

Interested in applying AI techniques? Boost your digital skills and harness the capabilities of AI with the Hartree Centre Training Portal, an innovative initiative within Innovate UK’s BridgeAI programme. Elevate your abilities, build expertise, and drive innovation across Agriculture, Construction, Creative Industries, and Transport sectors.

  • BridgeAI facilitates the adoption of AI through a range of offerings, building new capabilities in businesses through training and upskilling in AI.

    Our courses cover topics that inform the generation of real-time decision-making insights from data helping you to innovate, speed up processes and boost efficiency.

    From predictive maintenance to intelligent automation and the optimisation of tools and processes, our courses will walk you through how to embed AI into your organisation.

    The Hartree Centre Training Portal offers an array of self-paced and live virtual courses. Navigate resources in the Course Materials section, and upon completion, earn a badge for your achievements, proudly showcasing your expertise on social media.

    Create a free account and access all courses on the Hartree Centre Training Portal.

  • Our courses cater to professionals within the BridgeAI target sectors: Agriculture, Construction, Creative Industries, and Transport. Designed for various skill levels:

    • Introductory level: Perfect for those new to the subject.
    • learner level: Suitable for attendees with some background knowledge.
    • Independent user level: Tailored for individuals skilled at working independently but need guidance for complex problems.
    • Practitioner level: Tailored for active professionals exploring advanced techniques.

    If you are interested in our programme for managers, please see the Discover Digital Transformation Training.

    • Enhance expertise: Access courses to stay current with emerging digital methods and technologies.
    • Drive innovation: Equip your organisation to leverage data and AI for solving challenges and boosting productivity.
    • Bridge the skills gap: Contribute to addressing the digital skills shortage and propelling the UK economy.

Who is the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre?

The Hartree Centre helps UK businesses and organisations of any size to explore and adopt innovative supercomputing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for enhanced productivity, smarter innovation and economic growth.

Backed by significant UK Government funding and strategic industry partnerships, the Hartree Centre is home to some of the most advanced digital technologies and experts in the UK.

As part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council and UK Research and Innovation, the Hartree Centre builds on a wealth of established scientific heritage and a network of international expertise, helping the UK to stay at the forefront of pioneering computational science and digital innovation.

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Empowering UK organisations to harness the power of AI through support and funding, bridging the AI divide for a more productive UK.


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