Amplifying Imagination – AI in the Creative Industries

Companies in the creative industries using AI to deliver innovation-led growth in the West of England can win £50,000 to solve partners’ challenges.

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Up to £50,000 to develop a challenge-focused proof-of-concept in response to the challenges: also access to masterclasses, workshops, and use of MyWorld facilities.

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A MyWorld Challenge Call delivered in partnership with Digital Catapult, funded by UKRI Strength In Places.

Companies in the creative industries are challenged to enhance the integration, advancement, or innovative application of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that optimise creative production approaches and processes.

Digital Catapult is leading this open innovation call as part of the MyWorld programme, aiming to deliver innovation-led growth in the West of England. Successful applicants will receive £50,000 to build a new product or develop an existing prototype in response to the challenges provided.

Amplifying Imagination is a 16-week acceleration programme targeted at developers, creative studios, startups, and scaleups. Those who successfully apply will explore innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions optimising creative approaches or processes, specifically addressing industry challenges related to the capture, creation, delivery, or evaluation of experiences.

Digital Catapult are seeking projects that aspire to create new products, processes, services or innovative experimental prototypes which demonstrate clear advancement in the integration, application, development or assessment of AI approaches, models or products. See MyWorld’s blog on the theme of AI in the creative industries.

The following are examples of challenges you may wish to develop a project around, but this list is intended to be inspirational, not exhaustive:

  • The exploration of assistant technologies to enable creatives to achieve things they would otherwise be unable to.
  • Adaptation of existing, or creation of new, AI models that directly respond to a challenge in the creative sector.
  • Analysis and interpretation of large data sets to provide insights into creative experiences.
  • Automation of routine tasks – potentially freeing up creative professionals to be more exploratory or productive.
  • Exploring the intersection of adaptive and responsive audience experience and the audience themselves.

Whilst the programme encompasses the full spectrum of AI in the creative industries, Digital Catapult have pinpointed specific challenges in collaboration with industry partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the BBC. Additionally, an Open Challenge is presented, inviting businesses to apply with areas of research and development (R&D) that align with their roadmap.

The AWS challenge is focused on how AI approaches can relieve some of the manually intensive and laborious tasks within the creative sector through automation, analysis and optimisation. Successful projects could also receive up to $3500 per project in AWS credits.

The focus of the BBC challenge is exploring the potential of AI solutions in addressing the complex challenges of ensuring a consistent audio experience across diverse devices and environments.

There is also an open challenge, in which Digital Catapult encourage businesses to apply to this call with areas of research and development (R&D) that are relevant to your roadmap.

Briefing dates

Thursday 22 February: In-person briefing event held at the University of Bristol (sold out)

Wednesday 28 February, 1-2pm: Online briefing webinar hosted by Digital Catapult

19 March: Book 121 surgery time with the Digital Catapult team to discuss applications.


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