Zero emission funding opportunities - a guide

Posted on: 04/03/2021

With several funding competitions opening in March, KTN has highlighted the key points for each one and provided an indication of who might be interested in which opportunity.  If in doubt, we recommend you view each one.


Driving the Electric Revolution: supply chains for Net Zero | Funding competition event – 9 March, 10am (recording available)


The aim of this competition is to facilitate the UK’s niche and volume supply chain and manufacturing capability growth in power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD). Projects must be 18-36 months and total costs will be between 500k and £5m per project. See funding details here.

Who should go?

  • Supply chains for PEMD across all sectors- greatest range of companies
  • Those planning MRL not TRL development


Transitioning towards Zero Emission Vehicles by 2030 | Funding competition event – 12 March, 10am

Recording available HERE

An update on government’s zero emission vehicle R&D programme, as well as potential future funding opportunities. Relevant areas include development of zero emission vehicle technologies and the supporting charging infrastructure required to enable the transition to zero emission vehicles.

Who should go?

  • Recommended for lighter(3.5 tonne and under) or specialised vehicle sectors such as refuse vehicles
  • Business of all sizes (micro, SME and large), academics, Research Technology Organisations and Local Authorities


Niche Vehicle Network | Funding competition event – 15 March

This event was only open to members of the Niche Vehicle Network; if you’re not a member, you can join for free here and request further information.

The Niche Vehicle Network’s collaborative R&D funding competition will provide organisations active in the UK niche and low carbon vehicle technology sector, the opportunity to apply for grant funding to undertake collaborative R&D projects.

Who should go?

Organisations active in the UK niche and low carbon vehicle technology sector.


Zero Emission Road Freight: enabling a future large-scale demonstration | Funding competition event – 23 March, 10am

Recording now available here

The competition will consist of three strands, addressing zero emission trucks and the associated infrastructure:

  1. Electric Road System – in-depth planning, design and pre-deployment studies for a future large-scale freight demonstration.
  2. Hydrogen fuel cell freight – in-depth planning, design and pre-deployment studies for a future large-scale freight demonstration.
  3. Supply chain technology for zero emission road freight – feasibility studies covering the design, development and manufacturing of zero emission capable freight vehicles in the over 3.5 tonne categories and the infrastructure which will support them.

Who should go?

  • HGV and truck OEMs and supporting supply chain
  • Transport and logistics operators
  • Local Authorities
  • Academic Institutions and Research Technology Organisations
  • Highway Authorities
  • Energy providers and regulators
  • Infrastructure providers – from refuelling to catenary
  • Sector organisations in Power Electronics, Machines and Drives
  • Sector organisations in batteries and energy storage
  • Sector organisations in hydrogen, portable hydrogen storage and hydrogen fuel cells 


Clean Maritime Demonstration | Funding competition event, 29 March, 10am


In November of 2020 the Prime Minister announced ‘The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’. Inside that announcement £20m was committed to be invested into the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition to develop clean maritime technology. Innovate UK, on behalf of the Department for Transport, will manage the application process for the programme opening this month.


For a full list of available funding opportunities for the transport sector, click here.

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