What's waiting for you at the Eureka Global Innovation Summit in May 2019?

Posted on: 24/04/2019

Are you an innovation-driven business looking for scale-up success?


The Eureka Global Innovation Summit is the opportunity for you to make collaborations and discover more about global funding opportunities.

The Summit will span three days, from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th May 2019, in Manchester. During those three days, there will be five areas for attendees to explore: the arena, the innovation labs, the inspiration stage, the matchmaking concourse and the collaboration spaces. Each area has a programme of talks, workshops, panel discussions, meetings and more. There are more than 40 sessions to choose from. Read on to find out which sessions will tick your boxes.

1: The Arena

Centred around the UK’s Industrial Strategy, the Arena will host Conversations, Keynotes and Debates with some of the world‚Äôs most respected innovation experts from businesses and policy.

Futureproofing sessions:

  • Future of Mobility: The race to autonomy – who are the winners?
  • Clean Growth: Innovating our way towards a sustainable future
  • AI & Data: ‚ÄòAlexa, how is AI going to affect my business?‚Äô
  • Healthy Ageing: Living to 100; what are the possibilities for innovation?

Shared Futures: The challenges, future trends and ultimate successes of Global Collaboration

Investment Ready: Get inside the minds of your future investors

The Big Pitch: Pitch to Clean Growth and Future of Mobility sector panel and audience

Changing The Game: Who will be the next disruptor?

Support to Scale Up: Creating the most effective environments to expand

The Big Pitch: Pitch to AI & Data and Ageing Society sector panel and audience

Accelerating Technology through Sport: The impressive developments in the health and fitness sector which could impact us all

Innovation Changing Lives: Be inspired by game-changing entrepreneurs

Driving Innovation Through Diversity: Using diversity as the key to success on a global scale

Benefits of SME and Large Industry Collaboration: How can working with corporates create innovation opportunity?

Innovator Insight: Talking innovation, entrepreneurship & risk taking

2: The innovation labs

The labs will host hands on interactive sessions with speakers and questions from the audience.

EUREKA Academy: Tips and tricks for applying to all EUREKA instruments

EUREKA Clusters: RD&I Industry Driven Network

Call to Action: Discover SME opportunities for markets outside Europe

Investment Readiness Workshop: Selling your product, your company and yourself

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop: Consider how you can use diversity to boost innovation

Protecting your business abroad: Understanding the Intellectual Property Landscape of Latin America, China and South-East Asia

Your IP on the World’s Stage: Commercialise and Exploit your Intellectual Property Globally

3: The inspiration stage

The Inspiration Stage is the place to be for short, punchy insights and debates from specialists from around the world.

If Industry designed the global innovation ecosystem: What would an innovation ecosystem look like if it was designed by industry?

Collaborating with Africa: Find out how you can collaborate with partners in Africa and how businesses can best access this market

Manufacturing Predictions: Which countries will lead manufacturing in 2050?

Collaborating with Asia: Find out how you can collaborate with partners in Asia and how businesses can best access this market

Collaborating with Australia and New Zealand: Find out how you can collaborate with partners in Australia and New Zealand and how businesses can best access this market

Feeding a Global Population: International approaches and global partnerships supporting precision agriculture

How Can You Access The South American Market?: Find out how you can collaborate with partners in South America and how businesses can best access this market

How innovation agencies work and what does the future hold?: Supporting innovators beyond funding alone!

Business Impact of EUREKA Clusters

4: Matchmaking concourse

The matchmaking concourse is your opportunity to arrange a 1-to-1 with a contact, company or agency who could help take your business to its next level. Before the event, you’ll get to create a short profile online. You will be able to see other attendee’s profiles to identify who you would like to meet and arrange meetings with them.

5: Collaboration spaces

EUREKA Countries and Clusters will host fascinating side events alongside the conference, increasing the opportunities for attendees, including Korea and Canada.

So no matter the size of your business, if you are interested in scaling up and global collaboration, there will be something for you at the Eureka Global Innovation Summit. Tickets are free but limited, so register now by clicking here.

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