What does the future hold for science and innovation in UK agriculture?

Posted on: 10/07/2018

KTN’s Dr David Telford will be speaking at a Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar on 5th December in London.

The Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum organises regular senior-level conferences on public policy relating to food and nutrition, with the overall aim of improving the quality of debate on public policy developments and creating opportunities for informed, impartial discussion.

On 5th December 2018 it will be hosting a seminar on “The future of science and innovation in UK agriculture – agri-tech, data and knowledge transfer”¬†in order to assess next steps for science and innovation in agriculture, including the utilisation of technology to increase productivity, as outlined in the Industrial Strategy.

The agenda includes keynote contributions from: Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser, Defra; Sir Peter Kendall, Chair, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB); Dr David Telford, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Agrifood, Knowledge Transfer Network and Professor Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer, Agrimetrics and Professor, Applied Economics, University of Reading.

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Dr David Telford will speak about priorities for supporting knowledge transfer in the agriculture sector. As a member of KTN’s Agri-Food Team, David has extensive experience of livestock and aquaculture projects; encompassing a broad range of species, sectors and technologies, and also works in the application of new technology across agriculture.

Delegates will discuss what more might be done to promote knowledge transfer Рboth to and from the farm gate Рand how data might best be used to advance agricultural practices. They will also consider the environmental impact of increasing farming productivity, taking into consideration the Government’s call for public good requirements in the 25 Year Environment Plan. Further sessions will examine best practice in utilising technology in food production, how best to promote UK science and innovation abroad, and what lessons can be learnt from other industries.

The seminar programme will include:

  • Priorities for science in UK agriculture and the 25 Year Environment Plan;
  • Assessing key developments in UK agriculture – increasing productivity, utilising data and agri-tech;
  • Promoting UK science and innovation internationally;
  • Learning from developments in other industries;
  • Priorities for supporting knowledge transfer in the agriculture sector;
  • The way forward for improving productivity and innovation in agriculture; and
  • Case study from LTO Glaskracht Nederland – utilising technology in food production.

You can find out more and register here.


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  • The future of food labelling in the UK – industry standards, transparency in the supply chain and promoting British produce,¬†Tuesday, 13th November 2018.¬†Find out more here.

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