What can your business do to reduce plastic waste? Next UKCPN business breakfast announced

Posted on: 25/02/2020

Register for UKCPN’s latest business breakfast event on Tuesday 17th March at the Allia Future Business Centre at Peterborough United Football Club.


The UK Circular Plastics Network is running a series of events to introduce potential opportunities for your business to reduce plastic waste and also understand the actual challenges you have, both now and in the future.


This Peterborough based event is open to all sectors, but we are particularly keen to get the views from the local farming and food manufacturing organisations.


The speakers will focus on the agriculture sector, highlighting the environmental effects and discussing solutions to reduce single use plastics, for example, silage wrap, silage sheets, bale net, bale twine, mulch film, greenhouse film, tunnel film, food packaging and labelling.


Are you an organisation who:

  • Designs, makes, uses, discards, re-uses, recycles plastic or plastic containing products?
  • Wants to find out more about government funded initiatives to work sustainably with plastics?
  • Want to hear from local businesses working sustainably with plastics?
  • Want to learn about recent innovations and technology developments?
  • Want to learn how Circular Economy can help your business become more sustainable?
  • Is interested in discussing the challenges you have or expecting to have to work sustainably with plastics?
  • Is interested in discussing solutions/innovations you have or developing to work sustainably with plastics?

Then you are invited to register for this event hosted by Opportunity Peterborough, as part of its Circular Peterborough Initiative.


Please get in touch with Richard Cooper or Sheila.obrien@opportunitypeterborough.co.uk for further information.


Register now!

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