WEBCAST: Does nature hold the answers to some of our big societal challenges?

Posted on: 28/06/2019

The Knowledge Transfer Network is launching a new initiative to accelerate nature inspired innovations, join us on 9 July to find out more. 

Are you interested in learning about the potential nature inspired engineering has to offer?


Nature is constantly adapting and there are many lessons to be learnt to enable us to create a truly sustainable world which we want to live in. KTN’s¬†Nature Inspired Solutions Special Interest group seeks to build a new community intent on discovering how nature inspired engineering can provide solutions to modern day challenges.


Can the whiskers of sea-lions teach us how to design underwater sensors?

How do birds morph their wings to maintain stable flight trajectories?

And how do nocturnal mosquitoes avoid surfaces in the dark?


These questions, and many more, will be unpacked at the first workshop of the Nature Inspired Solutions Special Interest Group (NIS SIG) on 9th July.


Due to its widely anticipated launch, event registration is now closed, however, we will be streaming live from the Knowledge Transfer Network YouTube channel.


Find the full agenda & register for the live webcast here. 



What are Nature Inspired Solutions?

In the past Biomimicry or Biomimetics started from simple imitation of natural organisms. Over time, it has evolved through integration and combination with modern science and engineering to help us discover new materials, ways of combining nano/microstructures, applications, and alternative ways of production and process design thinking leading to nature inspired or bio inspired engineering. Rather than imitating the whole plant, animal or biological process, nature-inspired solutions aim to uncover the underlying mechanisms and apply them in the design of new products, processes or systems in a structured way.


To find out more, visit the Nature Inspired Solutions page or get in touch with Monika Dunkel.

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