WATCH NOW: Beyond Covid-19: XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance

Posted on: 06/08/2020

Covid-19 has impacted societies across the globe; it is bigger than any one country, any one government. The response to the pandemic requires global cooperation. The US-based XPRIZE organisation is leader in designing competitions to solve the world’s grand challenges and in response to Covid-19 it launched the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance. The Alliance is a global coalition, uniting innovators to find unconventional solutions to Covid-19 and future pandemics. Their approach is to combine the power of collaboration, competition, shared innovation and radical thinking to accelerate solutions. The Pandemic Alliance is composed of a collection of datasets and AI capabilities spanning multiple domains. It enables teams and collaborations to use these valuable assets to solve the world’s most immediate challenges.

This webinar recording is an opportunity to hear more about the initiative and how collaborations could be formed with UK companies.

Whilst this is an opportunity to hear about the initiative as a whole, KTN would be particularly interested in companies with solutions in the following themes:

  • Development, evaluation and deployment of point of care and at home diagnostics
  • The development and deployment of modular ICUs and remote monitoring tools with connected data outflow to care providers
  • The identification of risk factors associated with disease progression
  • Systems for clearing the backlog of cases within healthcare systems
  • The support of food availability and supply chain needs

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