Global Alliance Africa to launch Place-Based Ekiti State Innovation Action Plan

Posted on: 08/11/2021

At the launch event on 9th November 2021, we will be showcasing important insights from our Ekiti State Innovation Action Plan and Place-Based Innovation Regional Innovation Audit Report to strengthen Ekiti State’s innovation ecosystem. 

The KTN Global Alliance Africa project is a six-year project funded by UK Aid through Innovate UK (GCRF) and FCDO.

In alliance with Nigeria and other partner countries, we aim to strengthen the capacity and resilience of local and national innovation systems in areas of high potential by connecting, coordinating and collaborating with UK and African businesses, academia, investors, government, public funders and NGOs. This is achieved through the Place-Based Innovation (PBI) intervention.



PBI takes a long-term view of development by unlocking the innovation potential of local places. Recognising the innovative potential of Ekiti State, we selected the State as the region to pilot PBI activities and commissioned a cross-sectional study to have a better understanding of the innovation ecosystem.

Working with strategic stakeholders within the ecosystem through a series of design workshops, we identified what already exists, where the gaps are and who we can connect to make innovative solutions a reality which is the hallmark of the PBI intervention. Through a co-creation process, stakeholders in the Ekiti innovation ecosystem have come together to brainstorm solutions to challenges within the ecosystem and build a shared vision for the future of Ekiti state.

This has been captured in the Ekiti State Innovation Action Plan and PBI Regional Innovation Audit Report which will be launched at the event in Ekiti State, Nigeria on Tuesday 9th November 2021. Our PBI activities will also be launched in Eldoret, Kenya and Gauteng, South Africa in the coming weeks.

“A ‘Place-Based’ approach is more than simply the creation of regional and local innovation strategies. It harnesses the innovative potential of Ekiti State, through its commitment to strong networks and youth empowerment, to unlock the Ekiti State’ agricultural sector to become a key driver for jobs, food security, and Internally Generated Revenue for Ekiti State. KTN Global Alliance Africa team has been enthused by the genuine dedication and support from the Ekiti State community stakeholders in producing its Ekiti State Innovation Action Plan. We are honoured to work with Ekiti to achieve its ambition to become a beacon of knowledge and innovation for Nigeria.”


Dr. Nee-Joo Teh, Project Director, KTN Global Alliance


“A key long term ambition of the KTN Global Alliance Africa project is to promote job creation and inclusive growth through knowledge transfer, skills building and opportunities to support businesses and innovations that deliver scalable impact.”


‘Lamide Johnson, Country Lead for Nigeria, KTN Global Alliance Africa


To find out more about the KTN Global Alliance Africa Place-Based Innovation intervention, watch the video below which provides an introduction and more information about this activity.

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