Understanding the ASTM D4054 process: a step-by-step guide to jet fuel approval

Posted on: 11/07/2018
Green jet engine labelled Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The ASTM D4054 flowchart has been created by KTN and Sustainable Aviation to support new fuel producers navigate the complexities of approving new aviation fuel. The chart takes the user through the four main tiers from fuel specification and fit-for-purpose properties to engine testing*.

If you require further support in navigating the approval process contact Michelle Carter, Head of Transport.

*Users must be aware that the flowchart does not necessarily include all testing. D4054 Standard practice has a certain amount of flexibility and for that reason following the structure cannot alone guarantee approval and instead stands to reflect current expectations based on past industry experience. Equally what is not shown within this diagram is the continued interchange between OEM and producer throughout the stages, approval may not be granted by OEMs until all supplementary requirements are achieved.

Download an interactive copy of the flow chart here

(for best viewing results download pdf from your browser)

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